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Our Business is based on over 30 yr 
of Fire Service Experience!
Junior Firefighter Promotions offers the Fire Safety Simulator and a full line of  Jr. Firefighter Gear & Accessories.
Our Online Store  will find many popular Jr. Firefighter items at the best prices.  We also Personalize  Jr. Firefighter gear to look like the real thing in one Business day and delivery by Priority Tracked and Insured in 2-3 additional Business Days.
The Fire Safety Simulator is the perfect tool to teach Fire Safety Awareness on the top fire hazards in the home and the practical use of a Firefighter Nozzle and real Fire Extinguisher!  
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A New & Fun way to Teach Fire Safety Awareness with this water-proof, rugged, and easy to use Simulator. You can use it to demonstrate and make participants aware how and where fires start in the home and teach Fire Safety lessons at the same time. This Simulator comes with a real Firefighter Nozzle, Firefighter Foam Axe, and Fire Extinguisher to help teach the proper P.A.S.S. method in the use of an Extinguisher (Age Appropriate). Our Simulator also comes with a lesson plan and fact sheet on the hazards to teach from.

*It is the up-most importance to teach and practice the E.D.I.T.H. Drill  (Exit Drill In The Home) for evacuating the home in the event of smoke or a fire. It is also crucial that everyone understand the nature of fire, and learn awareness on how and where fires get started. It is important to practice fire safety thought-out the year!

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The Fire Safety Simulator Is Perfect Teaching Tool at:


• Fire Safety Open Houses
• Fire Extinguisher Training
• Fire Prevention Week
• Fire Safety School Events
• Fire Department Tours
• Community Events 
• Block Parties
• Community Safety Towns
• Festivals


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